The New York Times took an in-depth look into President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in an article published Saturday.

In November, the Trump administration announced they’d be removing the temporary protected status of Haitian immigrants who sought shelter in the U.S. following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the island. By July 2019, nearly 60,000 will be displaced because of the decision.

In the article, NYT claims to have spoken to two anonymous White House staffers. They revealed a cringeworthy statement the president made regarding Haitians:

Haiti had sent 15,000 people. They “all have AIDS,” he grumbled, according to one person who attended the meeting and another person who was briefed about it by a different person who was there.

Forty thousand had come from Nigeria, Mr. Trump added. Once they had seen the United States, they would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, recalled the two officials, who asked for anonymity to discuss a sensitive conversation in the Oval Office.

The White House, which has garnered a reputation for backtracking and attempting to positively spin offensive statements made by the president, denied the report.