Kanye West had a lot of folks scratching their heads when he announced his support for President-elect Donald Trump post-election night.

Whether it was a true statement or one said with the intent to incite controversy, remains unclear. However, as Kanye is known to do very well, he caught the attention of his fans, peers and those close to him, who have since expressed their concern over his Trump tirade at a recent San Jose, California concert.

Conversations surrounding Kanye have since turned toward his current hospitalization, which reports have blamed on mental stress and depression. But during an interview with Bloomberg Politics, Q-Tip, frontman for hip hop supergroup A Tribe Called Quest shared his thoughts on Kanye’s Trump statements and joined those who have voiced their concerns.

Referring to ‘Ye as his “brother,” Q-Tip offered: “It’s difficult. I reached out to him, and I’m hoping we can just get to talk. And I’ll probably just leave it there. I really care about that dude but his remarks are something that require he and I having a real serious discussion.”

The conversation comes on the heels of Tribe’s latest album release We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service. The politically-toned leading track, “We The People,” dropped the Friday after the election and the group performed the song amid Saturday Night Live’s satirical and politically charged comedy sketches the next night.

The project is equipped with conscious messaging and political perspective and adding to the intrigue is a track boldly titled, “The Donald,” which serves as a metaphorical offering for the lyrical skills of their late fellow MC Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor.

Contrary to the song’s intent, Q-Tip views regarding Trump are far from praise but rather an understanding of the upcoming societal reality.

“The platform he ran is very scary,” he told Bloomberg. “It’s very polarizing. It’s divisive, it’s not necessarily inclusive, and it’s dangerous and it’s one that brings about an absolute fear. Given those signifiers, I wouldn’t give someone like that a chance per se…the actuality of the situation is he’s the president…he’s my president now.”

And with that realization, as people such as BET co-founder Bob Johnson recently suggested, Q-Tip added, “we have no choice but to give him a chance.”

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