President Donald Trump’s State of the Union was most certainly the fusion of yawning and eye rolling you anticipated and consequently, avoided on Tuesday. But we bit the bullet and watched it so you didn’t have to.

It was (gleefully) apparent a speech writer was employed for the address. But Trump still threw a bit of his signature arrogance and narrow-minded nature into the mix. Here’s what stood out:

  • Trump said he was “very proud” of the Black unemployment rate being the lowest it has ever been. The community’s unemployment rate was already on a general decline for years and Trump’s only been in office for one of those years. Yet, he still didn’t hesitate to pat himself on the back.
  • He employed his dog-whistling presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” twice. In both of those instances, the phrase was met with too much applause.
  • He praised a number of everyday American heroes who received a special invite to the address. Only one was African-American.
  • He used one of these upstanding citizens to take a shot at NFL athletes who protest during the national anthem.
  • The one Black guy he did give props to was an obvious token who happens to be employed by a White couple running a small business. The president’s praise of Corey Adams began and ended with, “he’s a great welder.”
  • He used the grief of parents of victims of the MS-13 gang to introduce his anti-immigration spiel.
  • He threw very unsubtle shade at Obama throughout the address.

So yeah …yawns and eye-rolls.