Over the weekend, President Trump arrived in western Pennsylvania to deliver a speech at a political rally.

In good Trump-style fashion, the former reality television host rehashed the 2016 election, as he often seems to do.

“Women! Women, we love you,” He exclaimed. “We love you.”

“Hey, didn’t we surprise them with women during the election? Remember? ‘Women won’t like Donald Trump,” he continued. “I said, ‘Have I really had that kind of a problem? I don‘t think so.’ But: ‘Women won’t like Donald Trump. It will be a rough night for Donald Trump because the women won’t come out.’ We got 52 percent. Right? Fifty-two. And I’m running against a woman! You know it’s not that easy.”

But Trump left out one key fact: that 52 percent that he was boasting about is not only incorrect, but is a measurement of white conservative women voters.


In fact, Trump received more support from men than from women, AND he lost the popular vote.

Just sayin.’