A 19-year-old Texas native is just as serious about his canine’s sense of style as his own. Blair Simon and his schnauzer have been slaying Twitter with their matching get-ups. On Saturday, Simon and his 7-year-old dog Hershie had hearts gushing on Twitter with a picture of the two wearing matching durags with the caption: “What I get, he get.”

The post has received more than 390,000 likes and over 120,000 re-tweets.


“I treat him as if he were my son,” Simon told HuffPost about his fluffy friend. “I truly believe he acts just like me and thinks the same as I do. I felt like putting a durag on him so we can sleep and walk around alike.”

“Believe it or not he acts just like me,” Simon said. “However I’m feeling, he resembles it. He mostly lays around the house because that’s all I do.”

The Houston resident submitted more pics of himself and Hershie, which you can check out on HuffPost.