Tyler Perry almost met his match this weekend after Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first born bid a whopping $19K on a portrait of Sidney Poitier the filmmaker also had his eye on.

The director shared his experience on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, saying six-year-old Blue Ivy was his main competition during Tina and Richard Lawson’s WACO Wearable Art Gala and auction.

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“I said, ‘Oh, I’m gonna teach you a lesson today,'” Perry joked. “She keeps going up and up and up with [the paddle].”

He continued, “But for me I’m thinking it’s charity, it’s a good cause and I’m not letting this kid take this painting from me. I’m gonna teach you now little girl! You’re not gonna get everything you want!’”

Jay-Z ultimately came to the rescue, jokingly wrestling the paddle away from Blue, allowing for Perry to take home the portrait.

Hear Perry break it down below.