Tyler Perry is expanding his acting resume with an upcoming portrayal of former Secretary of State Colin Powell in the Golden Globe-nominated new film Vice. 

Director Adam McKay recently spoke to Vulture about Perry’s role in the film, which is based on former Vice President Dick Cheney, saying he knew the playwright would be perfect because of a certain “it” factor. He also respected Perry’s insistence on receiving Powell’s blessing before committing to a project that wouldn’t portray the leader in the best light.

“Only Tyler Perry could just be like, ‘I’m calling Colin Powell.’”

McKay continued “I mean, that just cracked me up right away. The whole idea of Tyler Perry, I was told the idea, and then he came by my office, and I have never met anyone with more presence in my entire life. Like, the guy has gravitas, and instantly I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, he’s Colin Powell.’ So, yeah, he talked to Powell.”

McKay went on, “Tyler’s really, really smart. He gets it. He sees the big picture. I told him, ‘You know, this isn’t one of Powell’s best stories from his life,’ and Tyler was like, ‘I told him that.’ And to Powell’s credit, he acknowledged that, as well … But ultimately—to Powell’s credit, I guess—that was it. It was a quick exchange.”

Tyler Perry as Colin Powell. Credit: Annapurna Pictures

The film will recreate Powell’s 2003 U.N. speech in which he pushed for an invasion of Iraq, a move he still considers to be a “blot” on his record.

A rep for the conservative figure told Vulture, “He and Mr. Perry had a nice conversation and even exchanged copies of their recent books, and General Powell offered his services to Mr. Perry, if he needed any or had any questions.”

Check out the trailer for Vice below.