The extremely busy Tyler Perry has taken time out of his hectic professional schedule to help find two black missing men that he learned about while watching television, something he says he rarely has the time to do. Perry's interest was peaked when he learned about the missing case of two Florida men, Terrance WIlliams and Felipe Santos, both of whom disappeared eight years ago after separate arrests from Collier County police officer Steven Calkins. During an interview on "Politics Nation" with Al Sharpton, Perry stated" We all should be outraged. This is the kind of stuff that would happen in the 60′s and earlier where black people would disappear and just be disregarded and never heard from again."

Always one to place himself in a woman's shoes, Perry revealed that his empathy for the mother of Felipe Santos was what truly motivated him to help the missing men's cause. “There’s a lot of conflicting stories and I’m just trying to help his mother find some justice,” said Perry. Thanks to the airing of TV One's "Find Our Missing" and the uptick in missing flier circulations on various social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr, the Black community has taken their grievances into its own hands in the case of its missing. While having images of ourselves cast in film and television is also a cause we should continue advocating, finding those actual loved ones of ours should remain a priority in mainstream media as well. 

Will Perry really be able to dedicate enough time and effort to this search? Or will simply having his name attached to the case place a national spotlight on this shady case?