Tyler Perry helped LaShun Pace, a friend and former colleague, by purchasing her ailing mother, Bettie Pace, a $350,000 home in Georgia, TMZ reports.

LaShun is a gospel singer who worked on a play with the Hollywood director in 1999. The pair reportedly remained friends, and when Perry learned of Bettie’s illness, he granted her wish to have a home to pass down to her family. The Madea star purchased a home near the place the Pace family grew up.

Bettie expressed her gratefulness in a video at the home surrounded by her loved ones. “Tyler Perry, thank you, son. Thank you for the house. God bless you.”

At the end of the footage, LaShun said, “Now you see what happens when you just live right and become Tyler Perry’s friend.”


Perry is continuing to pay his success forward. Earlier this month, he offered Geoffrey Owens a job after learning the former Cosby star fell on hard times.