There is nowhere you can turn without seeing Tiffany Haddish, from her scene-stealing role in last summer’s Girls Trip to host of the MTV Movie and TV Awardsand soon you will be seeing her in a brand new Tesla courtesy of Tyler Perry.

Haddish, who stars in Perry’s upcoming movie Nobody’s Fool, took to Instagram on Friday to reveal that her “friend and big brother” bought her a Tesla Model X for all of her hard work.

“So I got this message from my friend and Big Brother @tylerperry a week ago. When I tell you I cried so hard,” she wrote on her Instagram post of the video the director sent her.

In the video, Perry speaks highly of the actress and how he understands about not wanting to spend money when you finally make it big in the industry.

“Your career is taking off. You’re going to be around a really long time,” he says. “I wanted to gift this to you and say you deserve it, and say I am excited for you,” before revealing the keys to her brand new car.

Haddish said that Perry was the first man to ever buy her a car outright and that she’s used to making payments on her vehicles.

“This was just out the kindness of his heart And probably tired of me talking about it all the time and I didn’t have to do anything for it but a Great job in our New Movie Nobody’s Fool,” she wrote. “Thank God for kind people that want to spread happiness.”

Check out a trailer for their upcoming movie Nobody’s Fool below.