Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens has received a job offer from Tyler Perry after receiving an outpouring of support following news that he was working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey.

The director took to Twitter on Tuesday and said that he was about to start directing one of his shows.

“I’m about to start shootings OWN’s number one drama next week! Come join us!!!” he wrote.”  “I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs. The measure of a true artist.”

Owens was shamed about working at Trader Joe’s after the Daily Mail and Fox News ran stories this past weekend about the actor “spotted bagging groceries.”

The actor stopped by Good Morning America on Tuesday and said he ended up leaving his job at Trader Joe’s, where he had worked for 15 months, because of the attention, but he also said he appreciated the outpouring of support he’s received.

“It’s really overwhelming—in a good way. But I kind of feel like that character in that Woody Allen movie who wakes up one morning and he’s a celebrity, all of a sudden, who has no idea where it came from. It came out of nowhere,” he told Robin Roberts.

As for Perry’s offer, Owens seemed apprehensive but open to the idea of working with the filmmaker, telling Entertainment Tonighthe thought it was “kind of cool.

“I mean, that kind of sounded like he was saying, ‘Come work with me.’ I’m so, like, skeptical,” he said. “Like, really? Are you actually saying, ‘Come work with me’? Because we’ve never worked together before. So that’s a very, very generous thing for him to say. And we’ll see what happens with that. But that’s encouraging.”