What is "America's Next Top Model" without supermodel pro Tyra Banks? Apparently, we came very close to finding out. Banks recently revealed that stress caused by the demanding efforts to produce her hit reality show almost lead her to quit. 

“I’ve thought about turning the reigns over," Banks confessed in a recent newspaper interview. "I had to be reminded that the show is my baby. A few years ago, I was willing to give my baby up for adoption!”

Thankfully for Banks and for "ANTM" viewers, the 38-year-old recent Harvard Business School grad has found a way to efficiently juggle all of her professional and personal endeavors and still produce the series. 

“I am learning how to delegate, and how to empower people. It has decreased my stress more," said Banks. "Now we are going to be producing so much more television. I didn’t produce more TV because I am so much a micro-manager, hands on. But now, I realize that in order to truly grow, I have to delegate and find amazing people that are better at it than me.”