Florida Governor Signs 'Stop Woke' Act to Regulate Race Discussions

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the so-called "Stop WOKE" Act, which is meant to place stipulations on how schools and businesses can discuss race and gender, Time reports. The legislation is designed to prohibit work and school-based trainings from teaching that people are "inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.” Furthermore, the policy prohibits teachings that people are privileged based on race, gender, or national origin.

“No one should be instructed to feel as if they are not equal or shamed because of their race,” expressed DeSantis in a statement. “In Florida, we will not let the far-left woke agenda take over our schools and workplaces. There is no place for indoctrination or discrimination in Florida.”

Parents of Tyre Sampson File Wrongful Death Suit Against ICON Park

The parents of Tyre Sampson, the 14-year-old who fell to his death from a ride at the ICON Park in Florida, have filed a wrongful death suit against the amusement park, People reports. The suit, which names multiple entities associated with the amusement park, argues that the ride was "unreasonably dangerous" and that staff was negligent. "Tyre had a long and prosperous life in front of him that was cut short by this tragic event," the complaint reads.

24-Year-Old Woman Missing After Leaving Houston Nightclub

Relatives of Felicia Johnson are desperate to find her after the 24-year-old was last seen departing a Houston night club on April 15. According to CNN, Johnson, was visiting Houston to seek employment at the Cover Girls Nightclub. Initially, Johnson called for an Uber, but when the ride took too long to arrive, a man reportedly offered her a ride. After her disappearance, her bloody cell phone was discovered near a park in West Houston. "Felicia has not been seen since," said Quanell X, a community activist who has been working with Johnson's family to investigate her disappearance. "No cell phone activity, no credit card activity, no social media activity. She has absolutely just vanished off the face of the earth."

Making the Band Star Chopper Arrested for Sex Trafficking

Kevin Barnes, a rapper who went by the name Chopper during his time on MTV's Making the Band, has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking, TMZ reports. Law enforcement alleges that Barnes sent a private message to an undercover detective posing as a sex worker and offered the opportunity to make money through prostitution. Investigators then launched a probe into the former reality star, which allegedly uncovered evidence of pimping and prostitution. He was arrested early April in Maryland and faces extradition to Las Vegas to face charges.