Shortly after Skyscaper star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared he has no desire to reconcile his relationship with Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese, the singer is admitting to his part in the dissension of their friendship following him calling out the actor for taking the lead role in a F&F spinoff.

During a sit down with Van Jones of The Red Pill podcast, Tyrese revealed that he knows he took things too far in publicly airing their grievances.

“It was everything about going at The Rock publicly… it was fu*king bad,” he admitted. He went on to say he plans to hash things out in person, regardless of Johnson’s decision to wash his hands of the debacle.

“I have yet to talk to The Rock to this day, and we will have a conversation.”

Gibson, while willing to admit he shouldn’t have made their issues public knowledge, says he was speaking on behalf of other F&F cast and crew members who felt the same way.

“I found myself being the messenger on behalf of various people associated to the franchise but, stupid me was the only one who went public about those feelings, which is my own fault,” he continued. “It’s not professional, it’s not cool.”

He also knows he contributed to the demise of their personal and professional relationship more so than Johnson.

“I don’t recall anything that he either said directly or subliminally that was ever as big of a deal as the way I was going at him, which is not cool.”

Listen to the clip below.