Will Smith and Denzel Washington to Star in Uptown Saturday Night Remake

Two of Hollywood’s biggest—and sexiest—Black actors are teaming up to remake a classic. That’s right: Will Smith and Denzel Washington are set to star as the modern day Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier in a 2014 version of the hit comedy Uptown Saturday Night… that is, if they can get their schedules to click for filming. If Smith and Washington get their ish together, this will be Denzel’s first time starring in a full-blown knee-slapper. As for the fresh prince, we all know how he gets down when it comes to these buddy action-comedies. Bad Boys anyone? Can’t wait!

Read it at Variety.

Tyrese Mourns Paul Walker’s Death

The death of Fast & Furious star Paul Walker has fans and celebrities all over feeling the pain, but no one seems to be taking it harder than friend and Fast co-star Tyrese Gibson. TMZ caught footage of Ty at the site—which has been converted into a vigil—where Paul and his business partner, Roger Rodas, were killed in the explosive car crash on Saturday. Toting a single flower and visibly anguished, the singer/actor broke down into tears before paying his respects and leaving the scene. Tyrese took a piece of the wreckage from the site and made several heart-tugging posts on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, full of agony and disbelief. Tyrese really seems inconsolable at this time; let’s send positive energy both for his healing and everyone affected by the death of Paul Walker.

Read it at TMZ and NY Daily News.

Beyoncé Reportedly Banned from the Pyramids, Rep Denies

Beyoncé is not as nice and polite as you may think—at least that’s what former head of antiquities and gatekeeper of Egypt’s historical pyramids, Dr. Hawass, had to say. He claims that during Bey’s visit a few years ago, she was diva-ishly late, and when asked to apologize for being tardy for the party, little Miss Snobby didn’t open her mouth. Things got even more crazy when the doc’s photographer tried to snap a few flicks of Queen Mean and she shut all that down.

Well, that didn’t sit too well with the doctor, so he called her “stupid” and kicked her off the tour. (Guess ol’ buddy wasn’t feeling that “big ego.”) Thing is, Bey’s p.r. rep is denying that anything like this ever occurred. Believe it or don’t, but this is the same person who told us all to “bow down b****es!”