Rachael Rollins, the first Black woman confirmed as U.S. attorney post in Massachusetts has been the target of death threats, and her request for a security detail was denied by federal marshals, the Daily Beast reports.

Rollins turned over emails to the Marshals Service that contained threats on her life, with one that said, “you’ll probably die.”


While Rollins was denied federal protection, Betsy Devos was granted a security detail when she served as the Secretary of Education in 2017. Her security request was approved by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions which gave her 24/7 federal protection. Over those four years, Devos’ security cost taxpayers $24 million.

On GBH’s Greater Boston, Rollins spoke about the threats she encountered thus far and the Republicans who sought to block her nomination

“A lot of people don’t recognize as women and as women of color and particularly as a Black woman, the level of racist, hateful death threats that we receive,” Rollins said. “My security team is fielding calls with people using the N-word and saying they want to put a bullet in my head and, you know, they know I have children.

“Nobody signs up for that, Jim,” Rollins continued. “Nobody deserves to be treated that way.”

On Dec. 8, the Senate confirmed Rollins, by a vote of 51-50  with Republicans voting against her confirmation; Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tie.

The U.S. Marshals Service actively protects about 40,000 federal employees.

Currently, Rollins is the Suffolk district attorney and receives protection from a Boston police unit. 

Rollins will be sworn in as a U.S. attorney in January.