Imagine getting ready to make a little bit of extra cash via Uber. You get that ping from the car service app alerting you that you’ve got a customer. You pretty much expect to make small talk, offer your rider a piece of gum and maybe your phone charger.

But one woman experienced a hell of a lot more during a hard day’s work. So much that she’s inspired the #UberBae hashtag.

A Twitter user known as @Msixelaa reportedly got into a conversation with a female passenger. She took to the social media platform to share how this particular customer led her to discover that her man was cheating on her … with her!

Whoa der.

In sum, the altercation between #UberBae and the passenger-turned-side chick continues for a minute until she decides to leave. But get this, #UberBae still has the other woman’s luggage in her car.


From #HurtBae to #UberBae, it’s hard to tell how 2017 will shape up in the land of love! I don’t know much about this situation, but I know #Uberbae needs to give the rider and her ex-boyfriend a 1 star rating. Just sayin.’