Five police officials from the Metropolitan Police Department in the UK are being investigated after beating a teen they suspected of stealing.

Metro News reported Jones was attacked and detained by officials after a woman claimed her iPhone was stolen by a bicyclist. The incident was caught on camera by CCTV footage.

Shereen Jones uploaded a posted a disturbing photo of her son Terrell Jones to Facebook last Tuesday. Underneath her devastating account of what happened to the 15-year-old, he can be seen lying in a hospital bed with a bloody and battered face:


Shereen Jones/Facebook
Shereen Jones/Facebook

“So I’ve been in the hospitol [sic] all night, because the police smashed my sons face he has lost teeth, has a split/torn lip, accusing him of robbery in the area of an Iphone [sic] a bloody Iphone [sic] my son is not a thug, if anyone from the Rennie-manor Hall estate knows of, or has heard anything, please contact me, this is not the first time they have tried to arrest him,but to do this I will make them pay and will not rest until justice is served.”

Jones noted that her son now has missing teeth and a ruptured lip.The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched an investigation into the incident.

Following the attack, Twitter users began using the hashtag #JusticeForTerrell and launched a petition encouraging the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, mayor of London and Prime Minister to terminate the officers involved.

Officials are asking anyone who was present at the scene to come forward with any information.