A video showing an unarmed Black man being tased by the police while he sits on a street curb has left a Pennsylvania mayor “upset” by what she saw.

Lancaster Police Officers can be seen giving instructions to 27-year-old Sean Williams as he sits on a curb in a video, captured by an onlooker, posted on Facebook on Thursday, where he complies with the instructions given to him.

A cop can be heard telling Williams to stretch his legs out, Williams doesn’t do so initially and that is when the officer pulls out the stun gun and repeats the instruction to him.


Another officer then says, “put your legs straight out and cross them, now.” When Williams places his legs in front of him but then pulls them back in, the officer standing behind him hits him with the Taser and arrest him.

“Like you, when I saw the video I was upset by it and it is of great concern to me,” said Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace. “We take the use of force very seriously.”

Sorace said that the incident has increased her desire to get body cameras for police officers.

Law enforcement officials said that they were called because they got reports that Williams was threatening people in the area with a bat, despite no bat being found in the area, according to The Independent.

“Non-compliance is often a precursor to someone that is preparing to flee or fight with Officers,” the police said in a statement online.

Williams was looked at by medical professionals,  arrested on an outstanding criminal and released on $5,000 bail, The Independent.