Ramarley Graham, a Bronx teen, died after being shot in the chest as he ran into his mother's apartment in an attempt to escape from police. The event, which transpired Thursday afternoon, happened after police thought that the young man was grabbing a gun when he adjusted his waistband. His mother, Constance Malcolm, 39, said to the New York Daily News, "Nobody deserves to be shot in their own home."

Police say they approached Graham after witnessing him doing a drug deal on the street. The officers were behind him when he ran into the bathroom to flush the marijuana down the toilet, but the teen ran away to the Williamsbridge Apartment complex in hopes of getting away. The two officers shot first without any fear of being shot at. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says that he doesn't believe there was a struggle before the young man was slain.

How should we collectively react when hearing about a tragedy such as this one? Also, while the onus of the shooting is on the person who fired the gun, what can we do (Protest? Create more civilian review boards?) to prevent things like this from happening again?