Nobody knew what to expect when Mike Epps joined ABC’s TV line up. His brand of comedy isn’t exactly, well…family friendly.

And apparently, he didn’t either.

“ I did think…wow, is middle America really going to accept meeting Day-Day [from Friday] for the first time?” the funnyman told in a recent interview.

That question no longer needs to be asked. After a successful premiere, turns out, audiences love the series.  Oh and of course, Epps’ signature broad smile, which wins laughs no matter what, adds to the overall hilarious chaos that occurs when Uncle Buck is around.

Tuesday night’s episode doesn’t skimp on the drama either. Something has sparked an impulsive attitude in Miles, and if you ask Alexis (Nia Long), Buck is the source. Acting on his ambition, Miles decides to create a video involving a risky stunt in the hopes of gaining more viewers for his YouTube channel. And there’s no telling how that will end up.

Miles, however, isn’t the only person up to something, though. While Mom and Dad are out and about, Uncle Buck decides to throw a “going to jail party,” which gets crashed by a neighbor who calls the cops. You don’t think Buck and his kid squad are going to let that go, do you?

Not even a little. Buck, Tia, Miles and Maizy seek revenge and wind up in a prank war.

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