Soft and carefree typically rule the descriptions of spring hair trends, but there are a few other styles we’d like to point out. Give these funky cuts a try.

BOXY NATURALS: Whether your kinks, curls or waves grow up, out or down, boxy cuts can work for the eclectic natural. Think square as opposed to your traditionally round ‘fro. Voluminous high tops with tapered cuts keep the look stylish, as opposed to misshapen. It’s the low sides that give the cut its edgy flare, but, be forewarned, this is not a style that works for those that aren’t willing to try something new. We love the way Solange has fearlessly rocked the look with her real and faux curls.

EBONY Pick: Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade – Use this lightweight mousse to sculpt and mold curls as you please. It’s especially helpful to refresh on day 2 and 3.

WINDBLOWN: Short styles are taking cues from a few well-coiffed male models – super straight, finger-combed back with a side part. Monica’s most recent album cover for the deluxe edition of New Life is a perfect example of the sleek but effortless cut. Throw in a few prominent splashes of spicy auburn and you’re red carpet ready.

EBONY Pick: Mizani Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Smoothing Serum – To keep hair in place, you’ll need a serum that has a little hold, but won’t weight your hair down. Use a pea-sized amount and slick back hairs.

OMBRE FLAIR: Have you noticed the bevy of shaggy tresses making a temporary home on the heads of your favorite celebs? Both Rihanna and Ciara are currently making split ends a style statement with their black and blonde contrasting locks. It’s slightly teased and purposely messy. I recommend attempting the look with a weave for added length and the ability to cut in tons of wispy, graduated layers.

EBONY Pick: Jane Carter Natural Hold Locking Spray – Get the control without the crisp. Flip hair forward, spray, shake and toss tresses back. -Kimberly Walker