Footage of an unidentified man attempting to destroy a memorial near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota went viral as the community shows resiliency in the face of racism.

The video first appeared on Reddit and was later spotted by the Daily Dot, and shows a man pulling up to the area in a black truck and taking down multiple Black Lives Matter signs before ultimately making his way to a shed structure. He returns to his truck for an ax, which he proceeds to use on the structure.

After multiple strikes with the ax, the man is then seen removing items from inside. Violating the space and tossing items out into the street, the man leaves the area after bystanders are heard telling him to “get the f**k out of here.”

Notably, he leaves behind the ax.

The man is dressed in a black T-shirt, grey jeans, and black high-top sneakers in the 4-minute video _link

In an Instagram post on Monday, May 17, organizers for community events at the intersection of East 38th and Chicago said “we fine” and shared a photo of the rebuilt structure.

The Minneapolis Police Department has not immediately responded to inquiries by the press about the incident. Meanwhile, users on Reddit have begun to take apart the video, speculating that the ax left behind looks similar to a fireman’s ax, possibly hinting at the unidentified man’s background as a firefighter or police officer.

“I bet he is a cop,” one user commented. “Yep, that’s why he took his time. Knew nobody was coming because he forewarned them what he was going to do,” another user added.