Two White women who attended the University of Oklahoma have dropped out after being seen wearing blackface and uttering a racial slur.

Buzzfeed reported that the video went viral Friday after another student shared it on Twitter. In the clip, a White woman smears black paint on her face as her friend laughs.

“Stop! You’ve got too much. That’s paint, not a face mask!” the friend giggled. The camera then flips to show the two women laughing as the one in blackface says, “I am a ni**er.”

The University quickly launched an investigation. It turns out one of the women belonged to the school’s chapter of Theta Gamma Delta Delta Delta. The sorority expelled the student by Saturday night.

By Monday, both ladies withdrew from the university after a massive backlash. University President James Gallogly said officials could not expel the women because the video was created off campus. Still, he took the time to condemn their actions.

“This type of behavior is not welcomed here and is condemned in the strongest terms by me and by our university,” he said during a news conference, calling the Snapchat video “demeaning.”

The university is still investigating the case to see whether there may be another student involved, the president noted.

“It very clearly is racist,” he said Monday. “It’s on its face racist and we should call it what it is.”