Some folks could care less how a gift is wrapped thanks the gift bags or well …just not giving a damn. But for those of you who take pride in your presentation of gifts during the holidays, a luxury gift wrap line has arrived.

Well actually, Brooklyn native Ashley Fouyolle’s Unwrp line has been around since 2014. But it didn’t come into fruition until this year.

In 2017, Fouyolle, who is a graphic designer by trade, unveiled the luxury gift wrap line, which features some really impressive and eye-catching prints. Her goals was to simply create a product that blended art with functionality.

“I’ve always pinned the different patterns and different designs but they were all kind of the same, and it’s all like, ‘okay I’ve seen that, I’ve seen that,'” Fouyolle told ESSENCE. “So I definitely wanted to create something that I was looking for and that I knew my friends would be looking for.”

Fouyolle’s website launched earlier this month and offers nine trendy designs. In addition to offering luxury gift wrap designs, Fouyolle is using her website as a platform for up-and-coming artists to extend their catalog for the holidays.

“I’m partnering with five to six artists and I’ve given them creative freedom to come up with whatever they decide to extend their catalog but also offering clients gift wrapping that feels lux,” Fouyolle said.

Customers can also customize their Unwrp gift paper experience.

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