Getting a great workout at home doesn’t mean you need a ton of heavy-duty equipment or even a designated gym space, you just need the right tools. A selection of gear that allows you to get a combination of cardio, resistance, and recovery is all takes to achieve an effective workout, even if it’s in your living room. As a bonus, you’ll also save money and time on a pricey gym membership or group classes that can add up. 

In the midst of Earth Month, stocking up on new equipment may feel wasteful to the environment. However, a growing number of brands are employing sustainable, recycled materials and eco-friendly production practices to ensure that their products are planet friendly. As an example, standard yoga mats, typically made from PVC, are notoriously harmful to both humans and the Earth. Not only do they emit chemicals that are toxic to people and pets, PVC mats also clog up landfills because the non-biodegradable material takes thousands of years to decompose. Choosing a mat made from recycled materials or an all-natural biodegradable substance (like cork) can make all the difference.  

Ready to sweat (sustainably)? These eco-friendly gym must-haves including weights, resistance bands, and even headphones are all under $100 and good for the Earth.

Image: courtesy of Bala

Bala Jump Rope, $75

This jump rope may seem pricey but with .5lb weighted handles and an adjustable, replaceable rope, it’s well worth it. In addition to being weighted, the handles are ergonomically designed for cardio and HIIT.  Each rope, made from recycled steel, comes with additional 2.5lb handles if you want to amp up your workout even more. 

Image: courtesy of Sanabul

Sanabul Women’s Easter Egg Boxing Gloves $50,

The bold look and bright color of these vegan-leather boxing gloves will get you in the mood for a workout. Designed by a women for female boxers, they have a narrower shape, premium lining and padding , unlike unisex gloves, for a better fit and more control as you jab.

Image: courtesy of Gymshark

Gymshark Glute Set 3pk $46,

It’s hard to believe that you can get an entire workout with just a band but this challenging resistance set will instantly make you sweat. The pack of three bands offer different intensity levels so you can adjust your resistance level. Combine it with your next weight lifting session to really up the ante. Also, the fabric material is more comfortable on the skin and is an eco-friendly swap for standard plastic bands. 

Image: courtesy of Gaiam

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat $40,

This durable reversible cork and lightweight TPE mat will become a fast favorite for low intensity workouts like yoga and pilates. Cork is an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to PVC. Also, it is a naturally antimicrobial material, so it can handle your sweat yet repel germs and odor so your mat will stay cleaner. The reverse side of the mat, made from TPE material, provides superior cushioning and support, perfect for ab workouts.

Image: courtesy of House of Marley

House of Marley Rebel True Ear Buds $100,

Made with sustainable materials, including bamboo, these ear buds delivery the premium “Marley Signature Sound” and a noise-isolating feature so you can really get in the zone even if you’re at home. If your phone is out of reach, simply use the touch controls on each bud to manage volume, play, pause, and to skip your tracks. A full charge provides eight hours of playback time.

Image: courtesy of Iron Company

Iron Company Color Coded Free Weights $30 per set,

These environmental-friendly dumbbells, that range from one to fifteen pounds are made with recycled materials to cut back on waste.  For easy lifting, they feature a contoured grip that’s easy to hold for extended periods of time. 

Image: courtesy of Manduka

Manduka Equa Hand Towel $15,

Absorbent and quick drying, this ultra-soft towel is perfect to wipe off face, body, and hands as you work up a sweat. The towel, made from a recycled synthetic material, has a split microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption, evaporation, and wet-grip. 

Image: courtesy of Casall

Casall Tube Foam Roller $54,

A foam roller is a necessity in every gym to reduce the risk of injury and increase mobility. This model is partially made from renewable natural materials include bamboo and rice husks and was produced using renewable energy.