As a film and TV producer, I’d heard about We Care Spa, the juice-fasting spiritual retreat for the stars, for years from work colleagues. I was always curious but never quite brave enough to participate in a hard-core fast. With its celebrity following like Suzanne de Passe, Ben Affleck, Gwen Stefani and Gisele Bundchen, I finally decided to try it myself; if it was good enough for them it was certainly good enough for me!  We behind-the-scenes folks should be pampered too. Turns out, this was the ultimate gift to myself.

Just outside of Palm Springs, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, We Care Spa is literally a desert oasis. It’s the truest essence of peace, beauty and serenity in the middle of the desert. The labyrinth walk, hammocks, suspended floating beds and the temple of gravity all situated on sacred Native American ground and surrounded by mountains, rock gardens and palm trees, feels like spending a week inside a little slice of heaven. Only 25 guests are allowed at one time, creating an intimate and private healing experience.

We Care Spa’s philosophy is one of detoxification, fasting and revitalization. Susan Lombardi founder and owner, explains that by vegetable juice fasting and not eating solid foods during the program you free up enough energy to begin purifying and cleansing your system. I opted for the Renewal Retreat at We Care Spa and consumed only liquids for my entire 8-day stay and received daily colonics. "Food is full of preservatives, coloring, and additives that accumulate in the fat cells and in the tissue and affect the system," Lombardi said. "We are not made to digest them and after years of ingesting them, people become sluggish and tired. We Care focuses on detoxification and cleaning those toxins out of your system.”

Upon my arrival I learned how to mix the first of many detox drinks and was given my bag of supplies, which included enzymes, acidophilus, and instructions I needed for the next 8 days.  Each day begins with an hourly intake of beverages and digestive enzymes: alkalized lemon mint water, yerba mate energy tea, fiber drinks, fresh carrot and vegetable juices and liver and kidney teas. I added We Care’s Liver Flush, a specific liver cleanse to my routine. The highlight was the delicious blended soups at the end of the day and my ‘to die for’ massages and body treatments. The chocolate vanilla firming scrub and magnesium detox should not be missed.

“As long as you are living clean 80% of the time you should be fine. Everyone needs a cheat day or a cheat meal to enjoy the foods that they may be craving. Over time your body starts to crave the nutrients it needs which makes living a cleaner lifestyle much easier,” says Lombardi. Having the daily colonics and keeping up with the schedule was a challenge in the beginning. It was almost too much. But by day 3 I got the hang of it and it became second nature. I actually started to enjoy my colonics!  

We Care’s menu of body and massage treatments are amazing. The daily yoga, swimming and lunging by the pool, sauna visits, and my nightly Jacuzzi dips left me sleeping like a baby and waking up energetic with the sunrise.

By the end of the week, I felt wonderful and clean as a whistle. It's no wonder that 80% of We Care Spa's guests are repeat clients. I will definitely be back. I challenge anyone who gives We Care Spa a try to not leave feeling the best you've ever felt.

Crystal Whaley is a multiple Emmy award winning & Peabody nominated film and tv producer and activist. Follow her on Twitter @CrystalAWhaley .