Now that presidential hopeful Romney has officially received the GOP ticket, Urban Outfitters has taken the opportunity to jump on it and release a line of Romney shirts. Of course, no stranger to controversy, the hipster store has received a ton of backlash from the designs, which feature slogans like “Mitt is the Sh*t” and “2 Legit 2 Mitt.” Some defenders of the designs claim that UO is just being ironic as always, while others see this move as blatant campaigning.

To be fair, in 2008, UO did release a line of Obama-centric designs, such as the Shepard Fairey Obama logo. Seeing as how Obama’s campaign was composed of many twenty-somethings eager to deliver President Obama‘s “Hope” message, the line did very well in stores. While UO may just be doing the same thing for Romney, hoping to cash in on sales made by both ironic shoppers and young Republicans, it should be noted that the owner of UO is a high profile contributor to GOP politicians, such as Rick Santorum.