The saga that is Usher and Tameka Raymond's custody battle continues to rage on. Despite their banning the media's access to the trial, some juicy information has leaked onto the internet, putting both of the parents on full blast. When it came to Usher, the internationally acclaimed singer held nothing back. He testified that his ex-wife went through a whopping 11 nannies, all of whom claimed that Tameka hardly left her bedroom because she was so depressed. Tameka also allegedly forgot to mention that one of her sons was allergic to peanuts. Another nanny claims that she was forced to remain inside a car with one of the Raymond boys while Tameka attended a basketball game, simply because there weren't enough tickets for everyone.

Topping off Usher's ammunition against his ex-wife is the claim that she allegedly told one nanny that she was headed to see a movie, but didn't return home for the next three days. Not one to go down without a fight, Tameka accused Usher of teaching his sons new curse words, as well as bedding two of the bridesmaids from their wedding. Hopefully these two will come to a mature agreement sooner rather than later, if only for the sake of their sons.