Earlier this week, a woman came forward accusing Grammy Award-winning musician, Usher of knowing exposing her to herpes.

The accusations were alarming, and fueled ongoing claims that the singer had sexual contact with another woman–and a man–while knowingly hiding the fact that he had the incurable disease.

On Monday, Quantasia Sharpton held a press conference with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to announce that Usher picked her out of a crowd on her 19th birthday, took her to his hotel room and had sex with her.

Up until this point, Usher’s camp hasn’t said much about the rumor, but according to TMZ, he’s breaking his silence.

While sources who spoke with the media outlet say he may have pulled her up onstage, but he absolutely did not have sex with her.

One source described Usher’s move to pick Sharpton out of the crowd as one that brings “a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels.”

Another reportedly told the outlet that he believes it’s “an esteem booster” to choose various people in the audience to go onstage.


Stay tuned.