Rihanna Shows Off Painful Maori Tattoo

Rihanna is taking this tattoo thing a little too far. Veteran New Zealand tattoo artist Inia Taylor uploaded a video of the singer cringing, trembling and Harlem shaking while getting hammered and chiseled with traditional Maori markings. After she was done getting pummeled away, crazy mad gal RiRi flaunted her fancy hand ink for the cameras. But hey, as painful as the tat seemed, she was probably so twisted that she didn’t feel a thing.

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Tameka Raymond Posts Sexy Twit Pic of Usher

Lordy, lordy, lordy… Tameka Raymond is out of control! She launched all kinds of grenades, missiles and bombs at Usher during their nasty court wars, and word is she’ll be spilling all their juice on the Hollywood Exes Atlanta spin-off. Yet and still, Crazy T took a moment out of her day to let everyone know she still has it bad for her ex-boo (and how Fatal Attraction she really is) when she tweeted a steamy picture of the man she dragged all up, down, through and around hell  U.R.’s hard rock baaawwww-dy. She included a nice little caption to let us know she’s still ’bout that life; she even @’d him and everything. SMH… Poor Usher is stuck on one loopy roller coaster.

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Actor Craig Robinson Arrested for Possession of Weed and Ecstasy

So Craig Robinson thought that he could just hop up on a plane with bags of weed and  molly? Apparently he thought wrong, because dummy man funny man was busted in the Bahamas for drug possession and hit with a four-year sentence. But being the great actor he is, lil’ Pookie was able to convince authorities that he got his stash from the U.S. and had no idea it was illegal on the island. (Somebody tell me why he hasn’t won an Oscar by now?) They let him off easy with a $1,000 fine and the big boot, but something tells me Mr. Robinson won’t be ditching his trouble-making friends Molly and Mary anytime soon.

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