Orange Is the New Black star Uzo Aduba recently sat down with EBONY for a little travel talk, sharing what she deems the best regions to enjoy a luxurious vacation in the beautiful country of Nigeria.

Hoping to combat the idea that European cities such as Paris and Milan are the only places one can experience the finer things in life, Aduba name- drops several islands and cities within the West African nation that offer fine dining, beautiful scenery and an overall luxe lifestyle. Check out her picks, in her own words, below.

"Lagos is New York City on steroids. You’ll get the flavor of everything. If you want to see high, high, high life? You want to go to Victoria Island, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lekki, any of those places will give you a lifestyle experience that you couldn’t even imagine.

A view of the Lagos Lagoon, Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria - Image

Exclusive Villas in Banana Island

"When a friend of mine visited Nigeria, she said, 'Abuja has the dignity and Lagos has the heart.' She said that’s the spirit of it. Abuja is great to see. I’d never been to Abuja because my family only comes to Lagos, recently was my first time. It's an incredibly modern city and very spaced out. It has a Los Angeles feel to it in terms of layout, there’s a lot of room. Highways, hotels, neighborhoods, etc.

Night Falls on CBD F.C.T., Abuja, Nigeria

"Then you have the east. If you can make it to Enugu, it’s got a good vibe.
It’s known for music so a lot of artists come out of the eastern region.

Nike Lake Resort in Enugu, Nigeria.

“Africa’s been poppin’. I’ve always known it to be an exceptional place; it’s my favorite place in the world. These are my favorite people in the world, and you’ll never have a better experience. Our expression in Nigeria when you come off the plane is, ‘You are welcome.’ It doesn’t just mean, ‘Welcome to Nigeria’; it means, ‘You’re welcome to all I have.’"