Being single during the Valentine's Day season can come with some anxiety, or it can be the best thing ever. For Chanel Nicole Scott, the creator of Fox Soul's CheMinistry, a relationship platform, she's learned how to redefine the influence that cupid's arrow has on her life and emotions during this time of year.

"My first act of defiance as a single woman was to fully realize being single and being lonely are two different things," says Scott. "I had to be intentional about enjoying my own company and being grateful for my solitude and the freedom it brings."

According to a recent study, 43% of singles believe that Valentine’s Day is the most pressured holiday. Annually, depression tends to increase during the holiday season due to factors including loneliness and stress. Considering that 50% of American adults are single, many have decided to embrace their single hood.

"Chronic singleness can get heavy, but the added attention and stories we rehearse repeatedly can make it worse," says Scott.

We chatted more with the relationship visionary to get her insight on how to overcome the Valentine's Day blues as single people, and how we too can shift the way we perceive the holiday.

Have a friends or siblings-only outing at a spa or winery

There's nothing like taking some intentional time to enjoy life with your friends or sibling. You may find the experience more healing than a box of chocolates from a boo.

"If your friend or sibling is in a relationship, try doing your outing the day before or the day after the 14th," advises Scott.

Write love letters to yourself, your parents, siblings and friends

"Detail your favorite memory and the things you love about them," says the CheMistry creator. Handwritten letters are a lost art form these days, so pull out that stationery and express your gratitude for the loved ones in your life."

Treat yourself like you love yourself

The Fox Soul relationship platform creator suggests dressing up and take yourself out on a date.

"Dinner and a movie never get old, but if you're feeling more adventurous, do the 'never challenge.' Basically, try something you’ve never done, go somewhere you’ve never been, or eat something you’ve never tasted before," shares Scott.

Volunteer at a local hospital to hold and comfort ailing or orphaned babies

There's something about cradling a newborn baby. It allows you to hold love and life in your arms and be overwhelmed by purity and vulnerability.

"When you see a tiny, innocent baby suffering, you become more aware of how much you have to be thankful for, and that gratitude can fill the empty Valentine’s Day void," explains Scott.