Between Vanessa and Angela Simmons, the two young business-savvy sisters have got us covered this summer. While Angela recently released a beach ready weave, her big sister Vanessa Simmons has been working on her own swimwear line titled "Rose by Vanessa Jean." The threads are set to debut at Miami Fashion Week from July 19-23. As for design, the swimwear will feature bright colors and Brazilian prints, made particularly with curvy women in mind.

When speaking about t he inspiration behind the line's name, Simmons said,"I named the line Rose because when you look at a rose it’s very pretty to look at and smells great. But if you look closely, there are thorns all up and down the stem and to me those thorns represent our flaws [as women] and our story, all which makes us imperfectly

Prior to stemming out into swimwear, the Simmons sisters successfully launched Pastry, a female sneaker and shoe line.