Vermont State Rep. Ruqaiyah “Kiah” Morris (D-Bennington) resigned from the state’s Legislature on Tuesday, a month after she announced she wasn’t seeking re-election because of racial harassment, HuffPost reports.

Morris, who was the only African-American woman in the Vermont Legislature, had committed to finishing out her current term but said the racially motivated attacks she received online, as well as vandalism to her property, prompted her to resign sooner than planned.

“When I recently announced my withdrawal from re-election, it was my intention to continue service until completion of the current term which ends in January of 2019,” she wrote on Facebook. “However, this time has proven to be one of significant challenge for my family. My husband is beginning the long physical journey of recovery following extensive open-heart surgery. We face continued harassment and seek legal remedies to the harm endured.”

The 42-year old, who was elected in 2014, told The New York Times on Sunday that her home was broken into.

“There was vandalism within our home. We found there were swastikas painted on the trees in the woods near where we live. We had home invasions,” she said.