In January of 2016, VH1 released  The Breaks, an original movie that narrated the lives of three ambitious Hip-Hop lovers navigating their way through the music industry in the 1990’s.

Based in New York City, The Breaks was written and directed by Seith Mann, with inspiration from journalist Dan Charnas’ 2010 book, The Big Payback: The History of the Hip-Hop Business, The Breaks.

Nearly a month later, VH1 picked up the film and adapted it into a series with a story line that dives deeper into the inner workings of the hip-hop industry. The series stars Afton Williamson (Nikki) Mack Wilds (DeeVee), Wood Harris (Barry Fouray) and rapper Method Man (DeeVee’s strict father).  With, the season premiere kicking off tonight, we’re in for a treat as “Imani X” played by bombshell Teyana Taylor enters the scene.

Watch the extended trailer here:

In  between filming, the multi-talented entertainer shared with her on-set experience and what we can expect from “Imani X”, the latest character to hit the NYC underground Hip-Hop scene.


 My experience has been super dope because my character “Imani X” is kind of a lot like me. As far as the tom boy act who loves army fatigue (by the way I’m in love with army fatigue). So that was definitely a plus when it was time to do the fitting, I’m like ‘oh yea this is right up my alley.’

As far as her character [she] is really dope because she is just this rapper that’s kind of like that Queen Latifah, Monie Love feeling and she can really really spit.

It’s no gimmicks and it’s just like hardcore spitting and she’s staying true to herself. She’s not trying to change for anyone. She has her mom that’s making her feel like she has to show body, skin or cleavage to get ahead. [But, she’s] not even on that.

So her character is super dope and I think we got into a really good. I had a lot of songs to learn, a lot of rapping to do. So it’s definitely going to be interesting.

The season premiere of The Breaks airs February 20th at 9/8CST.