By now, you've likely heard the disparaging remarks from Governor Ron DeSantis about slavery being a "good thing." Yes, he really said that. In a recent visit to Florida this week, Vice President Kamala Harris took time to directly call out the fallacy of DeSantis's statement.

These extremist beliefs are the newest from the governor in his push to eradicate diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives from the state and "rework" the educational curriculum within the Florida school system.

In her message during the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church’s Women’s Missionary Society Quadrennial Convention, Harris affirmed the detrimental nature of slavery on Black Americans and rejected the need to debate the notion that this heinous time in American history was anything other than horrific.

“I will tell you there is no roundtable, no lecture, no invitation we will accept to debate an undeniable fact: there were no redeeming qualities of slavery,” said Vice President Kamala Harris. “As I said last week when I was again here in Florida: we will not stop calling out and fighting back against extremist so-called leaders who try to prevent our children from learning our true and full history.”

Vice President Harris emphasized the Biden-Harris Administration's commitment to equity and ensuring that the country continues to be an inclusive space for all. She shared the initiatives that they've launched as a result of this hateful rhetoric.

Check out the full speech below: