We're not sure who will be more excited by this news, women or their significant others? Until now, those Brits eager to outfit themselves in Victoria's Secret lingerie and apparel had to find ways to order the items from outside the country. Yet, the widely popular brand has announced that Victoria's Secret will finally be making it's debut in UK with two stores. Just in time for the Olympic Games this summer, the flagship store, which has been under construction, is set to open on July 25 at the shopping haven of New Bond Street and Brook Street. 

The second store will open on July 26 in East London, right around around the corner from the Olympic stadium. Shortly following these launches, Victoria's Secret plans to open up additional stores throughout the capital, making its territorial claim to fame. Known for extravagance, glamour, and big-name performances, the launch of the two new stores will undoubtedly have the Angels out in full force, gracing visitors with their lovely presence both on and off the catwalk.