A naked woman roaming the streets of Detroit was beaten in a hospital by a police officer and it was all captured on video.

In the video taken by a woman who was visiting her family at Detroit Receiving Hospital, an unidentified naked woman gets in a physical altercation with law enforcement, where she was reportedly punched 12 times by a cop.

On Thursday, Detroit Police Department’s Chief James Craig called the cop’s actions “troubling,” according to The Daily Mail.

“The officer’s actions can be proper but to the community, it looks bad,” Craig said. “But what’s troubling for me is we are taught to de-escalate… there are points in the video where it appeared that did not happen. If someone’s back is to you and you continue to use hard hands, that’s a concern.”

The officer, whose name has not been released to the public, is reportedly suspended with pay pending an investigation.

He was reportedly wearing a body camera at the time of the incident and that footage is being retrieved.

Police officers escorted the woman to the hospital once they received a 911 call, she allegedly became aggressive toward them and hospital staff once they arrived,  The Daily Mail reports.

The Detroit Police Department and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office are launching separate investigations in the matter.

The Detroit Coalition against Police Brutality released a statement to Click on Detroit about the incident saying that the officers should be held to a higher standard:

These are officers who must be held to a higher standard. We applaud Chief Craig’s immediate suspension, but this officer, and others like him, must be taken off the streets permanently. He has forfeited the privilege of wearing a badge as an officer with his extreme and brutal response to a person whose mental faculties were obviously compromised. He is a danger to our citizenry. While he may punch today, he is at risk of shooting tomorrow.

The unidentified woman who recorded the video told Fox 2 Detroit that the naked woman seemed to be mentally unstable, but that the officer’s actions were wrong.

“I think he needs his badge taken,” she said. “He beat the hell out of her.”