New Jersey law enforcement has launched an investigation after video shows cops punching a woman in the head at the beach on Saturday.

A video, obtained by, shows  Philadelphia woman, Emily Weinman, 20, in an altercation with Wildwood Police at a New Jersey beach where officers are attempting to arrest her.

Officers can be seen hitting her in the head twice while voices can be heard telling her to stop resisting.

Weinman is facing charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, according to the Associated Press.

The video doesn’t show what led to Weinman’s arrest, but Wildwood’s mayor, Ernie Troiano Jr. told that Weinman spat on the officers.

Wildwood Police posted on Facebook an said that an Internal Affairs Investigation has launched and that the officers involved were reassigned to administrative duty.

Police Chief Robert Regalbuto said he isn’t going to “rush to any judgment” until the investigation is completed but that he found the video “alarming.”