Our Exclusive Feature with Singer, Songwriter and vocal inspiration for all things #BHM Andrayday (@andradaymusic) Get Your digital copy of EBONY 'LOVE' Issue today: http://www.ebony.com/InsideEbony/feb18/index.html Its the Season of Love ♥️ and our “28 DAYS OF EBONY LOVE Campaign!” EBONY magazine is doing something super special this year for the month of February. The ’28 DAYS OF EBONY LOVE!’ We wanted to inspire our #EBONYLove in the most explosive way and decided to collaborate with some of hollywood’s most familiar faces! Our LOVE Issue is here, so lets talk about EBONY Love, how does it make you feel!? What burning passions do you love unconditionally?! During the month of February, we ask celebrities to share their expressions of #EBONYLOVE, and what it means to them! The reception has been incredible, artists, actors, musicians, life coaches, you name it! We have been able to share so many various kinds of EBONY LOVE and there is still so much more to come! Please share, enjoy, cry, but be inspired by the black love we have been witnessing during our #28DOEL! Thanks for Watching, stay tuned for more celebrity features on our Instagram, @ebonymagazine.