The 2023 Sundance Film Festival recently held one of its most remarkable lineups yet. The films screened centered on various elements of identity, community, diversity and—above all—artistic excellence. These themes were evident in the bodies of work that actor Amin Joseph embodied as well.

EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez spoke with Joseph recently about his 2023 Sundance Films, To Live and Die and Live and We Were Meant To.

"During that time, what was the constant thing that connected us as a people and what myself and the filmmaker were dealing with. That's what attracted me to this role. Good material attracts me to any role and I realized that it was going to be a role that would be pivotal, impactful and speak a lot to how men internalize a lot of things and you don't see the ramifications until its too late," shared Joseph about his role as Muhammad in To Live and Die and Live. "Hopefully this film can be an ode of precaution for the viewers."