You can be anything you want to be in the world. You can also be good with your money. 

Sounds simple enough, but while bearing through the uncertainty of 2020, Tiffany James discovered that many women of color did not have the knowledge to navigate the stock market or many other areas of the financial world. The founder of Modern Blk Girl already had an interest in the stock market; just one year prior to Covid, investing in a little company named Tesla and purchased shares which were then just $60 to $70 each. 

From there, Tiffany took it upon herself to take a deep dive into territory not frequently touched by many that share her same look by giving tips and strategies on the social media platform, Clubhouse. 

Realizing the lack of understanding and taken aback by having reached thousands on the social media platform, Clubhouse, Tiffany decided to seize the moment and start a business focused on teaching women of color financial literacy “...a lot of Black girls didn’t start with a business plan, it started with vibes and a good group of women.” 

Hence the beginning of The Modern Blk Girl, an investment education platform geared towards women of color for financial literacy. When asked about her mission “building sisterhood and community” was said to be the foundation. Convening and sharing have proven to be the impetus of change for these groups, “getting the information and learning stocks is not the hardest thing for the’s the belief system” she says. Now, after coaching over 150,000 women and guiding thousands more into the stock market, Tiffany has built a community of not only those who look to her for coaching but also for those who look to support her mission. 

Having been fortunate enough to gain solid allyship, Tiffany understands how her mission has flourished more since building these relationships “the community has been on our side since we’ve been growing, and they’ve helped us grow to be one of the largest investment groups out right now for women of color”  Now with features in Forbes, CNBC, and Fast Company (to name a few), she enjoys empowering women of color when it comes to their financial futures “We help amplify Black and brown voices to let women know that through financial literacy you can build and do anything that you want.”