EBONY's April cover shoot speaks to the unprecedented connectivity of the digital age. It all began when UK-based actress Jodie Turner-Smith and Brooklyn lensman Lougè Delcy connected via Instagram and bonded over their mutual admiration for each other's work. "After a year of discussing the possibility of collaborating, the perfect opportunity arose when Jodie mentioned her upcoming family vacation to her homeland, Jamaica," Delcy, says. "I didn't hesitate to book a last-minute flight as I was eager to capture Jodie's essence in the place closest to her heart. I joined her circle of family and friends, where I was warmly welcomed as if I were part of their tight-knit group." Photographed at Geejam Hotel and other locations throughout Port Antonio, the star appears fresh-faced and carefree while styled by her bestie, Fancy Gomez.

Check out this exclusive video that captures all of the behind-the scenes magic. Plus, Jodie dishes on how her her mom kept her connected to her Jamaican roots despite raised in England.