The Black Love television series has become a pillar for showcasing how our community exudes love through different relationships. Last weekend, celebrating the conclusion of the show and the continued growth of the brand, the two day Black Love Honors brunch and summit reminded admirers and attendees alike that love is never fleeting; it is forever.

Arranged by founders and EBONY Power 100 Dynamic Duo awardees Codie and Tommy Oliver, the 5th annual Black Love Summit provided a space for notable attendees, experts and others to talk about the complexities within relationships through candid and transparent conversation. Speakers included Russell and Nina Westbrook, therapist and influencer Kier Gaines, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Kenny Burns, love expert Francesca Hogi and many more.

In their opening statements, they expressed their gratitude to the attendees and shared their vision of creating a space where individuals and couples can grow by hearing stories about various relationship journeys.

Held at the Hudson Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles, the Black Love Honors Brunch paid tribute to couples and individuals who exemplify the multifaceted nature of Black love in all of its many forms. The chic décor incorporated rustic hues, rose gold accents and beautiful floral arrangements, which transported guests to an autumnal paradise.

"Through Black Love Weekend we were able to emphasize our commitment to strengthening and celebrating our community through the lens of love 365 days a year. It was an honor to curate a weekend that encapsulated the essence of the Black Love experience and honored figures within our community who exemplify what it means to ‘lead with love,’ all while creating a safe space where this love can thrive,” said Codie Elaine Oliver in a statement.

Honorees included Viola Davis and Julius Tennon (Black Love Icon Awardees), DeVon Franklin (Black Love Wellness Awardee), Kendrick Sampson (Black Love Community Impact Awardee) and Warryn Campbell (Black Love Partnership Awardee), accepting on behalf of himself and his wife Erica Campbell. Niecy Nash, who hosted the brunch, accepted the Self Love award on behalf of honoree Lauren London and requested that attendees extend sentiments of love to the actress via social media. Each of these luminaries have been dedicated to championing love, whether through the Black Love platform or living by example.

Nash was also surprised with the Love Ambassador Award. "Love is the thing, it is the thing we were created for.  An actor is what I do.  But my ‘who’ is to be of service in the world.  And how do you serve?  You love," said the actress.

"Love is the thing, it is the thing we were created for.  An actor is what I do.  But my ‘who’ is to be of service in the world.  And how do you serve?  You love."

- Niecy Nash

Earlier this year, Viola Davis released her memoir titled Finding Me in which she spoke extensively about her love for her husband Julius and her prayer for finding a partner.

"I clearly remember how I opened my prayer: 'God, you have not heard from me in a long time. I know you’re surprised. My name is Viola Davis,'...I brainstormed a list. I told God the list. I said I wanted a big, Black man who was an ex-athlete, preferably a football player, because I love football players. 'I really want him to be Black, but he doesn’t have to be Black, God. I mean at the end of the day, I really, really want him to be Black, God. And I love southern men, I love country men, God, so I want someone real country. And I don’t want any pressure to have children, so I want him to have had a wife before me and children already, so that’s settled. I want someone who trusts in you and loves you, God, because then he will be accountable to someone—you, God.'"

Attendees reveled in the fullness of our community's intimate relationships while gaining tools for personal growth. Here are some shots from the weekend below: