Cynthia Bailey recently sat down with EBONY to discuss this past season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, including her daughter, Noelle, entering college and introducing the world to her partner in #CHill, Mike Hill. Bailey and Noelle, her only child, were brought to tears this season while discussing the 19-year-old’s reluctance to move away from home for school. Both believed they’d face severe separation anxiety, with Bailey admitting the teen is still getting used to college life at Howard University. “She’s still figuring it out. Is she on the Dean’s List? No. Is she struggling socially a little bit? Yes, she was an only child, she was home schooled, she’s figuring it out. But, is she still there? Yes, she is. Do I want her to come back home? No, I don’t. I want her to stay and figure it out.” The model also discussed her new man, saying that after her divorce from Peter Thomas, she didn’t believe she would ever marry again until she met the sports anchor. “With Mike, the question for me, that I ask myself is not, ‘would I get married again,’ it just kind of became, ‘would I marry Mike?’ Yeah, I’ll marry Mike, for sure…he just feels right for me.