Tensions flared when Kenya Moore arrived to Bailey's Seagrams Escapes Peach Bellini launch, as Leakes felt she deserved a heads up, considering their previous back-and-forth. Bailey maintains that she didn't consider their issues big enough to warrant a warning, and that as her friend, showing support should've been Leakes' priority. "I've been in many rooms with all of these girls, with people that I do not care for and people I do not get along with. But, if I'm coming to celebrate them and lift them up in a blaze of glory, I am happy to come and stand on the other side of the room and sip my peach Bellini." Bailey also shared that she was shocked with how much support she’s been receiving considering how the finale played out. Ultimately, she believes fans know that she’s been nothing but a loyal friend to Leakes, even to a fault. “I even get insults, like being called NeNe’s lapdog, I’m so supportive…everyone’s always telling me I’m too loyal to NeNe, but ain’t nobody telling NeNe she’s too loyal to me!” The model and mom also talks taking responsibility for her part in the breakdown of their relationship and whether or not they can mend the friendship. Check it out above. Part one pf the Season 11 Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.