Mealtime has always created a special opportunity for connection.

EBONY, in collaboration with Cadillac, presents Date with a Dish, a dynamic series focused on stimulating your tastebuds with amazing cuisine, and earbuds with engaging, purpose-driven dialogue about ways to get closer to representing the best version of your authentic self.

Date with a Dish takes the long-held tradition of lively dinner table conversation and adds an extra dash of Black excellence. At the core of this episode is the importance of championing big dreams and bold ambitions, values Cadillac proudly celebrates through business collaborations with entrepreneurs and creatives such as Melissa Butler, who founded The Lip Bar, and well-known luxury chocolatier, Chef Phillip Ashley Rix.

Giving “creating our own table” vibes, the latest episode, which is set in Martha’s Vineyard, a historic hub, anchored by the famed Inkwell Beach — and best known to many as a premiere vacation destination for influential community stakeholders — delivering an impactful, lesson- filled exchange. The episode, which focuses on Black innovation, entrepreneurship, and executive leadership, features an impressive round-up of business icons with varied expertise, including, Eden Bridgeman Sklenar, CEO of EBONY; Tonya Lee Lewis, producer, and entrepreneur; Kevin Liles, CEO of 300 Entertainment; Melissa Butler, founder of The Lip Bar; Baron Davis, entrepreneur; and Philip Ashley, owner of Phillip Ashley Chocolates.

The candid table talk hits the mark on a myriad of topics, ranging from dreaming big and exposure, to managing the inequities Black leaders face as “onlys” in many spaces and “firsts” in others.

Pushing yourself to be “bold” was another weighty topic, including the barriers to innovation, hurdling over boundaries, and connecting the Black community to information, inspiration, and resources in dynamic ways.

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