Nigerian artist Davido is not new to the music game. From his start producing songs as a teenager to having hit summer jams, his hard work has deemed him one of the most popular artists out in the game. Wanting to promote the artistry of other African artists with a future goal of expanding into the African diaspora, Davido recently launched the Are We African Yet (A.W.A.Y) festival, set to take place this November in Atlanta, where he grew up. The festival will bring together Afrobeats musicians for a spectacular show highlighting the best talent coming out of Africa.

EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez chatted with the internationally-acclaimed musician about the creation of the festival, his modeling foray at New York Fashion Week and his rise to success in the music industry.

"The purpose of the festival is to expose culture. Every year, we are going to have the hottest acts from Africa but not only Africa," shared Davido." We might mix it up and bring in acts from the Caribbean but the first year, I really want it to be all about Africa."