Adapted from writer Tia Williams' 2014 novel, Netflix's latest film The Perfect Find is all things rom-com and redemption mixed with a bit of self-love.

At 40, Jenna—played by the ethereal Gabrielle Union—is ready for her big moment, which she has been working toward her whole career. However, after snagging a dream job working for a frenemy, a sexy potential bae that she’s feeling—and happens to be her boss’s son a.k.a. Keith Powers— threatens to jeopardize all she has worked for.

EBONY Correspondent Jenn Rodriguez chatted with Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers about The Perfect Find and the experience of bringing this unique love story to life.

"It was fun. More than anything, it was just fun. Having been down this road many times, there's easy things you can do to make people feel set up to win. You can have a fun time, joke and laugh and be free in the space. You can hang out together but it comes down to mutual respect," shared Union on working with Powers and creating the movie.